Top things to do in Manila

It is here in Philippines where the race of Filipinos is formed by the ethnic blend of the Spanish and the Malays. A place of not only a lively culture with a rich past, Philippines is also a place of magnificent scenaries when you visit the different islands. Here in Manila, it is a world of never-ending distractions that mark ... Read More »

Top things to do in Las Vegas

Take a break from the Strip at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The Entertainment Capital of the world surely needs no introduction. Unabashedly glitzy, this city, an oasis of neon lights in the middle of the vast Nevada desert landscape, has earned itself a reputation for luxury and decadence. There’s no other place like it, or even remotely close to it, in the world. The whole city seems to be dedicated to ... Read More »

Top things to do in Hanoi Vietnam

Haggle at the Old Quarter

Hanoi is a wonderful historical gem; a melting pot of Eastern and Western influences. Considered the intellectual and cultural giant of Vietnam, there is much to explore and do here, ranging from historic temples millenia old to museums with ancient artifacts. Here, travellers will find a huge array of colonial and Chinese architecture lined along perfectly preserved streets which give ... Read More »

Top Things To Do in Geneva Switzerland

Top Things To Do in Geneva Switzerland

Near the border of France lies a city with a sense of serenity and a slow-paced beat. The air is fresh and the view is constantly a pleasure. Geneva is an escape from the urban wilderness, and despite the Swiss culture of precise punctuality, time seems to be non-existent when you explore the wonders of Geneva. Here, we feature some ... Read More »

Top Things to do in Egypt

Top Things to do in Egypt

Shrouded in mystery and legends, Egypt is every bit as captivating as its famed queen, Cleopatra. Known for its gorgeous sand dunes, iconic architecture and ancient civilization of mummies, pharaohs and temples, it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Famously featured in the Indiana Jones movie franchise, numerous locations have become iconic to the world. ... Read More »

Top Things To Do in Edinburgh Scotland

The capital of Scotland is already famous amongst travellers as a picturesque and charming city with historic weight underlying its contemporary life. The first city to be crowned as UNESCO’s Creative Cities, this City of Literature is a cultural giant; hosting several dynamic events annually, including the internationally renowned Fringe Festival. With a lush green backdrop and the Edinburgh Castle ... Read More »

Top things to do in Dublin


Best known for its nightlife and welcoming charm, the capital of Dublin is infectious in its gaiety and friendliness. Much of it has to do with its hearty folk, who are equally known for their unabashed warmth and hospitality. Besides that asset, the city also has much to offer in terms of visually pleasing architecture, most dating centuries back. Not ... Read More »

Top Things To Do in California

From Hollywood’s glitz and glamour to the luxurious lifestyles of celebrities, California is also a place for a great time of enjoyment. Travellers can find themselves in awe of amazing geographical beauties or take on the endless rides in amusement parks. Pamper yourself into a getaway of excitement where time ceases to exist as we tell you the places you ... Read More »

Top Things To Do in Buenos Aires ,Argentina

Dance, wine and polo – the cultural city of Buenos Aires, often dubbed the Paris of South America, is filled with sophistication and passion. Pioneer of the alluring tango, it is famous for its night life, arts scene and glorious architecture, and has its European influences to thank for its rich and vibrant heritage. Also appointed twice as a UNESCO ... Read More »

Top Things to Do for Family Holidays in Bangkok, Thailand

Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho

The sprawling metropolis of Bangkok is known for its insatiable shopping, distinctive palaces and temples, as well as soi after soi of tantalising good food. You are bound to find entertainment and activities fit for the whole family when you visit Bangkok. Here’s some of the top must-dos we think you should check out on your next family holiday in ... Read More »